Computer Aided Bespoke Shoe Manufacturing


Making bespoke shoes using CAD & 3D print

Experimental innovative manufacturing of bespoke shoes using advanced computer technologies.​

3D Scanning

Every foot is different.

3D scan can capture the shape of a foot with high precision, enabling for bespoke manufacturing of custom shoes.

CAD Modeling

3D scanned foot needs to be transformed to a 3D model of a shoe last.

We are developing advanced techniques to make sure the shoe fits perfectly.

3D Printing

3D model of a shoe last is printed on a 3D printer. The shoe last has a specific design developed by our company.

Stiff materials need to be used to survive the manufacturing process.

Shoe Manufacturing

Established shoe manufacturing techniques are used to produce the bespoke shoe pair for a customer.

Only high quality materials are used, which enables the customers to be happy with the shoes for a long time.

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